From the Agro Pontino, a rich and fertile land

Immersed in a landscape of rare beauty and entirely redesigned by man, between Circeo, Sabaudia and Terracina where the lands are supported by a mild climate and where the abundance of water and the soil particularly fertile they favor a rich and quality agricultural production, the Orto di Campo Cooperative was born.

In 2002 the Cooperative decided to expand the cultivated areas and significantly increase the entire production, adding other vegetables to its range.

In addition to carrots, long white turnips and kohlrabi also include valerian, arugula, spinach, baby spinach, radishes and watermelons. Over nine products that over time have managed to establish themselves in a market increasingly attentive to food quality and safety standards.

The company operates on a area covered of almost 100 hectares and 90 uncovered hectares. It manages to ensure careful planning of sowing and transplanting, paying the utmost attention to the quality aspect through an integrated production based on the minimum use of fertilizers and pesticides and performing systematic checks through analysis at accredited laboratories.

Many investments in the traceability of products which is certified by a targeted control system and assisted by an agronomist.

Various have been achieved certifications, such as GlobalGAP, Grasp and Ifs which make production safe and in line with consumer requests. Each technology and machine, involved in each production cycle, has been selected to guarantee respect for the environment.

State-of-the-art machines and safety

The Cooperative has invested heavily in improving all the operational phases of its warehouse, expanding the number of cold rooms and purchasing various washing and packaging lines including metal detectors and optical sorters, to bring maximum efficiency to the elimination of foreign bodies.

The company owns several packaging lines for lamb’s lettuce, rocket and spinach, a line for carrots, one for radishes and a washing line for lamb’s lettuce.

3D project of the new warehouse

By 2020, the construction of ais expected new warehouse of about 6000 square meters.

One of the advantages that our customers can find is that of having a large production with the same batch of traceability, even for whole trucks and the guarantee of a product meticulously followed from sowing to collection in an accurate way, all this to always guarantee an excellent product.

The strength that distinguishes the company is to be found in the selection of suppliers obtained to meet market demands. A market that sees Orto di Campo protagonist thanks to consolidated results with exports of its products in the Europe area.

Precisely this characteristic, given by the management of large surfaces but of only three suppliers, combined with the desire to innovate, allows our Cooperative to supply superior quality products with a well-defined uniformity. A strength that offers certainties to our customers and that translates into a lasting relationship.

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